Eventures Special Event Productions is a full-service event planning company in South Florida specializing in events for non-profit organizations. We cater to those organizations who wish to conduct fundraising through special events, but do not have the necessary internal staff to attend to the details necessary to make an event truly successful. By serving as support to the organizations’ professional teams, Eventures enables local agencies to focus on their individual mission to make our community a better place.

We seek out contracts from community organizations and believe we are well-suited to the non-profit world as our professional experience helps satisfy an innate need to “give back” to the community in which we live. While working on events, we study the organization so that we can properly represent its staff, Board of Directors, and supporters. We consider ourselves extensions to the organization’s staff and attempt to enthusiastically advance their mission.

Over the years, Eventures has grown to include five staff persons providing a wide variety of event planning and fund raising services. While we work as a solid team, our staff members each specialize in particular aspects of event planning:

  • Logistics
  • Graphic design
  • Printed/electronic materials
  • Sponsorship solicitation
  • Auction, raffle procurement
  • More

Traditionally, Eventures works intimately with the professional leaders, volunteer leaders/committee members, vendors, consultants, and sponsors to facilitate communication between everyone involved with the production of the event. While we often contribute meaningful input to the creative process, our strength is in managing and collaborating the team’s collective effort.

Experience and expertise allow Eventures to work completely independently (with direction and supervision from the organization) on events. Our flexibility allows organizations to select specific event planning tasks with which they need assistance. We understand that no two charity events are the same, therefore, every contract is tailored to the organizations’ needs.

Eventures was established in 1993 by Susan Holtzman. Susan’s previous experience includes fundraising for the United Way of Greater Miami, Inc., serving as Women’s Division Director of the Jewish Federation of Broward County, and Development Officer for the Miami Jewish Health Systems (formerly known as the Miami Jewish Home & Hospital for the Aged at Douglas Gardens).